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Wojcieszkow Sights

Wojcieszkow Sights

The list of the most important Wojcieszkow`s sights:

- Bricked Distillery built in 1914 th in specific T shape
- Wodden Old House of Commune Council built in 1897th
- Landscape Park (4,73 HA), created in the first half of XIX th century
- Palace Park ( 11 HA)  created in XVIII th century
- Villages Parks from the beggining of XIX th century in Wolka Domaszewska, Przytulin and  Wola Burzecka
- Wooden Chrch, built in 1854th
- Wooden Belfry, built in 1854th
- Manor House, built in XVIII th century
- Stone Stable, from the beggining of XX th century
- Rests of manor park from the secound half of XIX th century
- Complex of Commune Church, bricked in 1897th with wooden presbytert
- Wojcieszkow Commune Graveyard from XVIII th century

There are two turistic walk trails through the area of Wojcieszkow:
- Trail of memory and life of Henryk Sienkiewicz (polish Noble Price writter) - 40 km

- Part of Trail nr 1 of Polish Society of Youth Tourism



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