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Hunting Society

Hunting traditions in Wojcieszkow are very old. In our forest lives  many wild animals among them: deers, wild boars, hares and foxes.
As the time goes there are different aims of hunting society in our region. Right now hunting is not a way to earn money or feed family neither not a bloody hobby or sport. Hunting in Wojcieszkow is a tradition and way of life. Majority activities of society is preserving nature, feeding animals during strong winters, organizing traditional forests events like Hubertus Fox Chase. Hunting is also a very important way of local wildlife management.


There are four hunting circles in Wojcieszków Commune:

Hunting Circle "Tumak" with area of 4504ha
Hunting Circle "Uroczysko" with area of  2777ha
Hunting Circle "Nied¼wied¼" with area of 248ha
Hunting Circle "Borki" with area of 2890ha.


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