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The Society of Wojcieszkow`s Friends

The Society of Wojcieszkow`s Friends (Towarzystwo Przyjaciˇ│ Wojcieszkowa) was created in 1990. The main mission of the society is  promotion and support for cultular, educational, and economic development of Wojcieszkow region.
Among many activities, the society established a local Regional Chamber and The Folk band "Lutnia", published a guide book "Wojciszˇw i jego okolice" and created a local small folk musem.
The Folk museum is located in couple traditional houses and includes houndrets of original items being elements of local traditional productions like: blacksmiths works, leatherworks, weaving works or just home equipment and clothing.
One of the very important field of activities of the society is also preserving the local history. The main work in this area is done by collecting photographical documentations and local stories and preparing them for publishing.

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